My 10 Favorite Books of 2022

Another year is drawing to an end. Similar to last year, I compiled a list of my favorite books for 2022. Some of these could make great gifts for the reader in your life.

Here they are in no specific order:

1. Gospel-Driven Ministry

A great book on the basics of ministry. Jared Wilson covers everything from weddings, funerals, preaching, and caring for people. He gives many practical tips and shares several personal stories.

2. How to Pray

I was first introduced to Pete Greig, the founder of 24-7 Prayer, at a conference in Nashville where he taught on how to hear God. I immediately purchased this book. I highly recommend it. It’s the best I know of on the subject of prayer. Our church has been using parts of it this fall as the basis for a series on prayer.

3. Deep Discipleship

One of my greatest takeaways from this book it is that “community is indispensable to discipleship, but community is not discipleship.” If we want to grow as Christians, we need to be learning and moving and changing and participating. We can’t just hang out with Christians.

4. Beartown

I couldn’t put this book down. If you’re looking for a great work of fiction, look no further. It tells the story of a hockey town and the messiness of people. There is some brutal stuff that happens. It’s not a Christian book but it portrays the broken world we live in and our need for something greater than sports, success, or materialism.

5. On Writing

Stephen King is a fascinating guy. This book is part memoir, part manual for writing well. I enjoyed both aspects. If you’re not a writer, you will still enjoy King’s story about his upbringing. If you are a writer, you’ll appreciate his wisdom about the craft.

6. The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry

If I had to rank this book list in order, John Mark Comer’s book would easily make the top three. I would recommend it to any believer who is genuinely seeking more of God’s presence. I will certainly be reading this one again.

You can read my full review here.

7. Emotionally Healthy Discipleship

Pete Scazzero has written several books within the emotionally healthy framework. You may not understand that language. That’s ok. This book on discipleship will help! He covers so many helpful topics like being with Jesus before doing for him and following the crucified, not the Americanized, Jesus. There’s a lot packed in here. If you are serious about denying yourself and following Jesus, this book is for you.

8. Communicating for a Change

Preaching may be the most important thing done in the church. Though this book is more about communicating in general than preaching in particular, it was a very helpful read. I highly recommend it to any communicator.

9. Invitation to a Journey

This may be the best book I have ever read on the topic of spiritual formation! Seriously. You should have a copy of it in your library. Buy one for a friend. I enjoyed it enough to lead a group of ministry leaders at my church through it.

10. Celebration of Discipline

I read this book in two days while retreating at a monastery in Kentucky. The chapter on simplicity greatly convicted me. My wife wondered why I gutted my wardrobe when I returned home. It was entirely because of how God used this book. If you’re new to the spiritual disciplines, this work will guide you down the right path.

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