The Gift of Friends Who Know Their Bible

What a gift it is to have friends who know their Bible—friends who can gently correct us when we err, remind us of great truths when we live lies, encourage us to greater depths when we plateau, and model life under the authority of God’s word.

The truth is none of us have Scripture mastered. We all need help navigating its terrain, plumbing its depths, and applying its commands. More than having a cheerleader at our side, a friend who knows their Bible is like a drink of cold water on a humid summer day—providing vitality to the heart, strength to the spirit, sustenance for the journey. There are few relationships like them.

The Bible is God’s inspired word. Its perfect revelation was given to God’s people for their instruction and edification. It explains what life is all about. It proclaims the truth of God’s salvation through Christ. If we surround ourselves with people who love it, obey it, and share it with us, we will be immensely blessed.

We Become Like Those We’re With

We’re greatly influenced by those around us, whether we realize it or not. A few years ago, I reconnected with a friend from childhood. We had lunch together and reminisced about the old days. When I came home, my wife noticed I was using lingo she had never heard from me before. I was unaware of what I was doing. I had, unknowingly, slipped into some old habits from the years of being around this friend.

That’s how relationships work. We take on the mannerisms of those we spend time with. We can also take on aspects of their spiritual lives. It’s important, therefore, to choose our friends wisely, especially if we’re serious about growing in holiness.

I’ve been meeting weekly with a group of guys for several years. These men know their Bibles. They also love Jesus. I’ve received many gifts from these men ranging from spiritual guidance to tangible help.

One man in our group has a grasp of the Old Testament unmatched by his peers. He shares stories from its pages as effortlessly as a leaf flowing down a river. When we talk and pray together, he reminds us of the providence of God seen throughout Israel’s history. I always leave our meetings yearning to know the Bible better. I look forward to time in the law or poetry or history books of the Old Testament. I look forward to sharing insights with my friend. I love the conversations that flow from these interactions.

My family has also experienced tangible blessings from these men. They are not just hearers of the word, but doers (James 1:22). The Bible tells us that faith is dead if it’s not accompanied by works (James 2:17, 26). If we claim to have faith but don’t meet the needs of others, especially when we can do so, it’s possible we don’t possess the saving faith we claim to have. We may be deceived. These men have met some amazing needs in our family. They are humble enough that they’d probably not like the attention given to their acts of kindness, so I’ll move on.

Another gift I’ve received from my Bible-believing friends is encouragement to dive deeper into the reality of God’s kingdom. My worldview is greatly shaped by their surrendered lives. Their hunger for God is contagious. These men are the real deal. They will not settle for shallow Christianity. They want to know Christ and him crucified. They model the cruciform life.

When I watch them lead at work, home, and church, I’m encouraged to take Christ-like responsibility for my own life. Whether they realize it or not (and I think they get it), their lives display God’s power. When we acknowledge our weakness and invite Christ into those spaces, God shows up in mighty ways. I’ve seen it over and over in the lives of my friends.

Friends who know their Bible are a gift. Few things in life compare. Do you have them? If not, ask God. He doesn’t want you to walk the Christian life alone.

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