God, Thank You for Timothy Keller

“Christianity doesn’t leave you to face death on your own, by holding up your life record and hoping it will suffice. Instead it gives you a champion who has defeated death, who pardons you and covers you with his love. You face death ‘in him’ and with his perfect record (Philippians 3:9). To the degree we believe, know, and embrace that, we are released from the power of death.”

Timothy Keller

Like so many others, I’m deeply saddened by the passing of Timothy Keller. His ministry has impacted my understanding of God in many wonderful, life-altering ways. He had a remarkable gift of articulating the gospel. His ability to convey difficult truths in ways that were both accessible and charitable is unparalleled today.

The church has lost one of the greats. When the history books are written about this era of Christianity, I believe Keller will have a place in them. I know I will be forever grateful for his life and legacy.

God, thank you for Timothy Keller. May his faithfulness to your word and his heart for the city send ripple effects through generations to come. Amen.

3 thoughts on “God, Thank You for Timothy Keller

  1. Wow Brother Daniel!

    It’s the fact that you also wrote about this topic and specifically quoted from Keller, analysing his view on the subject matter of death that even makes it almost surreal.

    Oh Lord, thank you indeed for the life of Pastor Keller and as many faithful saints who have passed without global recognition.

    God bless and keep you, Brother Daniel.

    Thank you for your work for the kingdom.

    Love in Christ,



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